"Before my Reflexology session,  I was aware of Soul & Body stress and tied up with mental issues.  After the session, I felt deep relaxation.  Nancy is a skilled and inspiring health practitioner.  Many levels of healing are addressed during her sessions.  Even her space and music are sacred and transcendent." ~ Char, Retired teacher, Entrepreneur

"When I arrived at Sacred Space Reflexology, I was experiencing arthritis in my hands and knees.  I was tense all over and feeling very stressed.  After the session, I was extremely relaxed,  My hands and knees were pain free, and I felt energetic for several days.  A wonderful, uplifting and healing experience."  ~Sandy, Educator

"I was feeling stressed out and dealing with fatigue.  I had pain in my left foot near the arch.  After my Reflexology session, I had  felt so peaceful and renewed.  Thank you, Nancy."  ~ Sheila, RN

"I made an appointment with Nancy for a Reflexology session since I was feeling sad and anxious.  I became aware that I was grieving and must go through the process of healing.  I felt more hopeful, less stressed, and less anxious." ~Adrienne, Health Practitioner

"I had experienced anxiety for 8 days; staying in bed; missing work; unable to fly to Atlanta to be with family who had flown in from Brazil.  I had been working with my physician and after having  3 Reflexology sessions with Nancy,   I was able to prepare for a planned vacation to the Middle East, Korea, and Japan.  I went from being incapacitated with anxiety to an excitement in visiting these wonderful places." ~Maria, PT

"Before the session, I had left knee pain due to an inflammatory cyst.  I also had sinus pain, post-nasal drip, and stiffness in legs.  After my session at Sacred Space Reflexology, I felt an overall relaxation.  I had less stiffness in my legs and more mobility in knee.   I felt an energy shift in my sinus issues."   ~ Angela, Creativity Coach